Vegan Tattooing: Complete Vegan Product List

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

It’s not just the Ink and the Aftercare you have to worry about

Typically when people think of vegan tattooing they think of the ink and maybe the type of aftercare used to heal the tattoo or piercing, but what about everything else? from piercing, to cosmetic tattooing to tattoo removal there are tens of hidden non-vegan items to be on the look out for. So when you’re getting tattooed or pierced or even removing a tattoo make sure you're going to a Vegan shop and make sure they actually know what they’re talking about and not just supplying vegan ink.

The tattoo industry is one that by industry standard is mostly vegan, in fact the top ink brands are vegan, (Please note when I say Vegan I am including cruelty free into the definition) but from cleaning products used on the studio to stencils, razors, tracing paper, skin markers etc can be found in a vegan alternative and therefor it is entirely possible to do the whole procedure* vegan! (* the star is where the products do NOT have a cruelty free alternative by the nature of the product, legally in most countries, Canada and the USA included all MEDICAL products have to undergo medical testing on animals, unfortunately these products are not found in alternate brands that I am aware of *please share if you know of some* but are used to disinfect and ensure that the space is free of blood-borne pathogens to ensure your safety and the artists)

The two most obvious categories are also the two that are almost exclusively vegan already and have hundreds of brands available that can be found in almost every tattoo shop across the world: Ink & Aftercare.

Please send me any additional or conflicts to this list as the goal is to have the most up to date and Honest information available:


Stencilling/Tattoo Application:

Anchored by Nikko Hurtado

Stencil Stuff

Spray Stuff

Spirit ReproFX Vegan Stencil Paper

Spirit Vegan Transfer Cream

Canson Tracing Paper

S8 Red Stencil Paper

Tattoo Goo Stencil Stay Gel

Tattoo Goo Stencil Stay Spray

Tattoo Goo Stencil Off

Dettol *(Vegan but tested on animals where required to by-law, therefor we deem the use of Dettol for stencilling NON VEGAN)


Intenze Tattoo Ink

Fusion Tattoo Ink

Eternal Tattoo Ink

Alla Prima

Silverback ink

Solid Ink

World Famous Tattoo Ink

Arcane Ink

Skin Candy/ Bloodline

Dynamic Ink

Crazy Horse


Stable Color


Kuro Sumi



Millennium Mom’s

Polynesian Ink

S8 Hemp Infused

Waverly Color Co

Classic Colour Systems

Good Color

Feldman Ink


Makkuro Sumi Blacks & Colors

Azayaka Live Tattoo Colors

Universal Blacks

Cobra Ink

Flashing Color

Glam Colors

Pure Colors


Electric Ink USA

What can make an ink NON- Vegan?

Bone Char - used to make black ink. Made from burnt animal bones

Shellac - made from beetles and used as a binding agent

Glycerin - made of animal fats and used as a stabilizer to make the ink easier to work with

The Great News is that the industry “best” inks are vegan brands: Intenze, Eternal, Fusion & World Famous. Meaning that being Vegan does nothing to affect their quality.

Green Soap:

Intenze - Cleanze Concentrate

Hustle Butter - Hustle Helper

S8 Red Soap

H2ocean Blue Green Foam/Liquid Soap

Dr.Bronner’s *note that green soap may or may not be vegan but due to a lack of information we are deeming it NON-vegan


Ink-Eeze Green Glide

Coconut Oil

Tattoo Goo Professional Process Butter

Beeseline Vegaline

RMS Raw Beauty Coconut Cream

Hustle Butter

Redemption *see

Needle Cleaning:

S8 Needle Cleaner *note this is NOT to clean needles between clients, needles should ALWAYS be single use and disposed of after every client. This is used DURING the tattoo to rinse ink of the needle to reduce colour contamination

Tube Cleaning/Disinfection:

Shop/Bathroom General Cleaning:


Nature Clean

Ecos by Earth Friendly Products

The Honest Company

Mrs. Meyers

Dr. Bronner’s


Surface Disinfectants:



VIRA-CARE High Level Disinfectant *the ingredient list does not seem to contain non-vegan ingredients but they do test on animals, however due to the nature of this product, the need to safely kill Blood Borne Pathogens is higher than the priority to not harm animals

Hand Sanitizer:

The Honest Company

The Body Shop

Bath & Body Works

Dr. Bronner’s


Sun & Earth

Allen’s Naturally *see

Hand Soap:


Dr Bronner’s

Mrs Meyers


Bath & Body Works

Hugo Naturals

Live Clean

Nature Clean *see


Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach

Nature Clean


Earth Friendly Products *see

Skin Cleaning:

Dettol* (Vegan but tested on animals)

70% Alcohol


Intenze Cleanze

Hustle Butter Hustle Helper

H2ocean Blue Green Foam/Liquid Soap

Dish Soaps (Look for Vegan Brands)

Liquid Waste Disposal:

Rinse Cup - Liquid Waste Solidifier

Ink-Eeze Bio Gel The use of these products is to prevent the risk of leaking pathogens out of garbage bags or pouring them into the sink. By solidifying the waste it becomes disposable with other waste like gloves, paper towel, drape sheets, dental bibs etc

Aftercare Brands:

Hustle Butter Deluxe

H2ocean (Their Ocean Care line: Tattoo Cream, Blue Green Foam Soap, Blue Green Liquid Soap, 6oz Piercing Spray *without lysozyme & Healing Soak)

After Inked

Vermont Vegan

Lush Ultra Balm

The Merry Hempsters

Wild Rose

Black Cat Tattoo

Ink Guard

Out To Sea


Vegan Tattoo


Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life

Tattoo Goo

3M Tegaderm

Konjac Tattoo Sponge

Second Skin

Second Skin Tattoo Cream

Lush Dream Cream

Tattoo Ink Guard

Phat Tat

Serf To Surf

Ohana Organics Tattoo Butter

Punk Medics Tat2butt’r


Coconut oil

What can make aftercare non-vegan?

Lanolin - made from sheep wool used in lotions, ointments salves, stencil paper ,a&d ointment

Cod Liver Oil - used in aftercare lotions and salves

Gelatin - made of hoofs, tissue, bones etc

Bees Wax - used in aftercare lotions and salves

Other Items:

Disposable Razors without gel strips

Wax Paper used for tracing - make sure they do not contain Bee’s Wax or Lanolin

Rice paper

The Furniture, Beds, Chairs Etc look for shops with SYNTHETIC leather as it is wipeable and can be disinfected. Fabric can’t be wiped or disinfected the same way.

Sharpies & Prismacolor Markers - these look to be vegan but we are waiting for emails back to confirm the status

Paint & Art Supplies

Sakura Micron Pens

Derwent’s ColorSoft Pencils, Graphitint, AquaTone Pencils, Metallic Pencils, Graphitone and Pastel Blocks, Soft Pastels, Graphite, Charcoal

Conte Crayon,

Walnut Ink

Dammer Varnish

Krylon Fixative Sprays

Yupo Paper

Copic Markers

Raw fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, linen and cotton can be combined with Golden’s Absorbent Ground instead of Gesso to create canvases



Crafters Companion *disclaimer that they do not KNOWINGLY use animal products,

Daler-Rowney (except their canvases)

All Designer’s Gouache (except neutral grey, Paynes gray, lamp black, cool grey 1,2 & 3 and warm grey 1,2 &3)

F.W Artist’s Inks

Rowney Black Printing Colours

Salon and Cryla and series

Da Vinci Synthetic Brushes

DecoArt Inc Acrylic Paint

Delta Marker

Duck Tape


Edding, Elmer’s Glue

Epson Photo Paper and Inks



Gelli Plates

Golden Paints (except Ox-Gall)

Gorilla Glue

Jackson’s Studio synthetic watercolour brushes, Akoya, Raven, hinku, Procyl, Onyx brushes




Lakeland Paints

Mitsubishi Pencil Company


Natural Earth Paint

Nature Home

Newell RubberMaid (Parker pens, Prisma Color)




Smiffy FX



Wilko (except art brushes containing pig & horse hair)

Skin Markers - may or may not be vegan - there is very little if not no information on this - we have reached out to the companies

Pens -

Pilot Pens

Uni Ball


Zebra Pens

Chameleon Art Products

Printer Ink -


What can make Art Supplies Non-Vegan?

Cochineal - a scarlet dye made of ground up cochineal insects

Ox Gall - from cows and used to moisten water colour paints

Rabbit Skin Glue - comes from rabbits and is used for sizing oil paining

Gelatin - made of animal skins, tendons and ligaments, hoofs, skin and bones is used in many things including glue and gesso

Bees Wax - can be found in pencils & crayons

Natural Hair Brushes - use hair from farm raised or trapped animals like sable, squirrel, mongoose, horse, pigs, or ox

Oil Pastels - combine animal fat and wax

Sepia - comes from squid and cuttlefish

India Ink/Chinese Ink - carbon and lampblack + Shellac Binder

Shellac - ground up beetles

Ivory Black/Bone Black - charred animal bones

Charcoal - normally made of vines and willow but can be bone char

Vellum - used to be made of skin from calves, goats and lambs

Damar Varnish - may contain bugs inadvertently due to them being embedded into the sap from the Damar Pine.

Tempera - is a binder made from eggs

Casein - a binder made from a protein found from cow’s milk

Honey - a preservative used to increase colour

Lanolin - made from sheep wool used in lotions, ointments salves, stencil paper, a&d ointment